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Barnet Homes Launch

Barnet Homes Launch


April 1 – Barnet Homes launches

Cheshir Hall refurbished

Customer Service Centre created

First open day for leaseholders

Silver Surfers club starts

First Board director elections

New standard for empty homes

Launch of estate action days

Inspection by Audit Commission


First Open Day

First Open Day


Awarded two stars with excellent prospects

New repair priority system introduced

First open day (at the RAF museum)

New partnerships with Apollo, Balfour Beatty and United House

Tenants begin mystery shopping of services

Tenant involvement DVD filmled


ASB team wins national award

ASB team wins national award


Awarded excellent rating for sheltered housing

Tree care plan created

New partnership panels for residents

Stag House closes

The ASB team wins national award

Resident Gardening Club starts

Consultation on new tenancy agreement

Residents help to set the budget


Success in BBC Gardening Awards

Success in BBC Gardening Awards


Connaught repairs partnership begins

Residents’ Viewpoint goes live

“Barnet Homes in Bloom” competition

“Message in a bottle” scheme starts

First resident awards

New strategy for young people

Success in BBC garden awards

Innovations Fun introduced

Barnet Homes festival at Copthall


First ever residents’ Hub meeting

First ever residents’ Hub meeting


Awarded two stars

First ever resident’s Hub meeting

“Finest Flowers” competition

New Chief Executive starts

Garth House destroyed by fire

First resident inspection for estates

Innovative “Do you care?” conference


Summer football coaching for children

Summer football coaching for children


Start of “Feeling the Squeeze?” campaign

Best rent collection ever

Service standard consultation

New payment plans for leaseholders

Assist launched

Philipson House modernised

Summer football coaching for children

Employment Fair for residents

Chair of the Board wins NFA award


Love Where You Live events start

Love Where You Live events start


First meeting of residents’ Performance Advisory Group

West Hendon and Grahame Park teams merge

New board members join

Lovell takes over repairs contract

“Love where you live” events start

Eco estate created at Churchmead

GPTV goes live

New family support scheme starts


Urban Gamez at Grahame Park

Urban Gamez at Grahame Park


Fraud officers employed

Barnet Furniture Centre opens

End of Decent Homes programme

Urban Gamez at Grahame Park

Ten new repairs and maintenance contracts signed

‘Signing off’ campaign to rid estates of signs

Start of Barnet Homes apprenticeships


let2barnet launch2012

Your Choice (Barnet) was created to receive the transfer of Adult Social Care services from Barnet Council

The Barnet Group was created as the parent company to both Barnet Homes and Your Choice

Barnet Homes received the transfer of the Council’s Homelessness service, Housing Options

Let2barnet lettings service launched


get real2013

Barnet Homes began development of the first council housing to be built in the borough for over 25 years

Get Real project launched as an innovative approach to supporting young people who are in danger of becoming homeless (pictured, right)

Exceptional performance levels particularly in relation to core landlord services

Continue to produce top quartile London performance in rent and service charge collection

Leaseholder satisfaction increased by 7%

Gas and repairs satisfaction increased by 8%



First three properties to be built in the borough for over 25 years completed early 2014, launched by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson (pictured, right)

Tenants’ Survey demonstrated overall satisfaction with services provided by Barnet Homes now at 81.1%

Void turnaround times amongst the best in London

Major Works Satisfaction increased to 94%

Homelessness preventions increased by 99%

Telecare service Assist expands into neighbouring boroughs

Barnet Homes leads on the multi-agency partnership to support the residents of Barnet impacted by changes to welfare benefits, the Welfare Reform Taskforce

Barnet Homes ranked as a Top 20 UK Landlord in the prestigious 24Housing Top 50 UK Landlords Awards


Launch of BOOST - Burnt Oak Opportunity Support Team


Launch of the Burnt Oak multi-agency employment initiative, BOOST (pictured, right)

Achieved a ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission for Your Choice’s respite service, Valley Way

Housing Options launched a domestic violence and abuse One Stop Shop, a multi-agency drop-in service which provides advice, information and support from partner organisations in one place and at the same time

Barnet Homes’ first refuge for victims of domestic abuse opens

The development programme of 40 new homes in the borough starts, with completions scheduled for Spring 2016

The Group created TBG Flex, a new employer within the Group that offers more flexible terms and conditions

The Group created a subsidiary to Barnet Homes, Opendoor Homes, which is in the process of applying to become a Registered Provider with the Homes and Communities Agency, aiming to build and own at least 320 homes by 2018